How To Thrive

Discover the Power of Thrival.  You are Consciousness. Your  Life really is what you make it. We are so central to what we experience. Not only are we always right slap dab in the middle of our every situation, but we are the power, the creative energy, that brings them into form so that we can really interact with what we so powerfully create. We really do make our experiences according to what we believe about self and the world in connection to us. 

We have set ourselves upon a path of repetition, going over the same ground for a whole lifetime then passing that onto our children. It doesn't have to be this way and my hope is that by reading and applying the wisdom I share in this book, you will break free from the crowd and live on purpose. You can live all your dreams and enjoy great bliss. You don't have to spend your life being knocked about by circumstances and situations that are hard, painful and confusing. This is your time to break free of the habits that have held you in place your whole life and really experience yourself and your creative power in a brand new way.

This isn't another “new age” sales tactic. The principles inside this book work, but only if you apply them. I'm not offering you a lamp that when rubbed a genie pops out and fulfills all your wishes. The Creative Principles are inside you, not a magic lamp. 

I am not even promising to have all your answers. They are your answers and you are the only one who has them. What I offer is guidance to show you where to look and how to look to discover your answers that have always been inside you. You are the key that opens the door to your life, my role is to remind you to “Remember Who You Are”, and that's why I wrote this book.

As we enter The Awakening we are more deeply aware of the rushing feeling of energy and life.  This book is perfect for going into the new era of evolution and major changes we are experiencing personally and as a world of humanity.  How To Thrive In A Survival Mindset World takes you step by step through your own inner healing work so that you may begin creating anew, a life, a world, more to our liking and more reflective of our True Self.  The principles in this book are what were given to me to create Awakened Radio Network with.  I know they work, I live them every day.  Read the book then join in my weekly live talk radio show, Awakening, Learning to Thrive each Sunday at 6 pm C. Awakened Radio Network has a great line up of live talk radio that you can interact with.  Join us there. 

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How To Thrive In A Survival Mindset World

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You know it's time to make different choices to bring about different experiences.

My newest book takes you step by step through the process of changing your beliefs, thus changing everything.

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