You are the Weaver of Dreams, the Creator of Experiences. All that is outside you is a perfect reflection of that which is within.  The outer is the expression of the inner.  Dream Catchers remind you that when you are weaving, you must do so  with intention and the energy you desire to experience.  Doing one's inner work, facing the shadows and healing the emotions, clearing the chakras, is necessary to expressing something different that what you've already created.

Doing your inner work means being honest about your fear, your pain, your anger.  It includes discovering the power of love within that is who you are and allowing yourself to express that in your words, thoughts and actions.

Hang a dream catcher over your bed or in your meditation are and follow the threads as you journey inward to "knowing".  Understand the message of Grandmother Spider as she explains how you create.  As you come into an experience and acceptance of Who You Are the healing and balance taking place within is reflected in a new outward reality.

You are the weaver of your dreams, the creator of your life.  Do so with awareness of your power.