I am Sunstone, the power of the sun driving away the dark, dense energy held within you, no longer needed.

I have come to share my strength and power with you in understanding how to let go of that which holds you back from accepting your wholeness. Those self imposed limits you have kept for years deep within yourself, the reasons you choose not to succeed, not to be prosperous, to stay in denial of the wonder and power of your True Self.

I am renewal, returning to knowing . Together we will rediscover your true self, the brilliance and glory of who you are created to be.

I am acceptance of  light energy, bringing you into a place of total freedom.

I will go with you into the dark, forgotten areas of your past and show you how to raise these areas to the power of the light, where healing and wholeness dwell.

This journey I invite you to will surprise you in it’s lightness and joy. I bring unto you the gift of healing, acceptance and fun, the offer of newness in beginnings and hope .

I will bring you into a place of light and acceptance with great joy and enthusiasm

I will help you to restore the vibrancy of youth.

You will remember your power, your light, and your truth. You will no longer fear your power, but will embrace it to live a glorious and joyful life which inspires others to accept their greatness as well.

                               Come, let us journey together.

Sunstone to work with