The message in the graphic is TRUTH!  Whatever is going on in your life is due to your directive & creative powers.  You are the force at work behind what you experience.  Take a moment to consider who is the constant in your life?  Wherever you are, whatever you've experienced, who was always there, every single time?  The answer is YOU.

You are Consciousness, the Power that Creates your experiences.  Whether you are doing it with full understanding or creating out of beliefs based in fear make no difference.  You are doing it just the same.  You create all the time.  You can't stop it, Creative Consciousness is Who You Really Are. 
When you begin to see how powerful you are things change.  You look at the chaos and the peace in a new light, with the eyes of understanding that you are indeed powerful.

More often than not we try to change things by resisting what is that we don't want to experience.  Because we are the power that creates, the more you resist the more you stir the creative batter creating even more of that which you are resisting.  How about sitting still for five minutes and looking at how powerful you are to have created whatever situation you are experiencing. 

Pull back into the "Observer or Directors Chair".  Just look at your experience.  Notice the body language you are experiencing.  Take note of the thoughts & how your feelings have matched those thoughts.  Notice how the body reacts to those thoughts and feelings.  As Observer or Director, what instructions would you give to the Personality (you) in order to change the outcome of the script?

Take your own advice.  Throughout the day notice how often you resist by complaining, worrying or feeling angry. Stop for a few minutes many time during each day.  As you notice the resistance you are creating with take pride in your power to create.  Claim what you've created.  Let it sink in that YOU really are that powerful. 

Move into a deeper understanding by deciding to spend as much time accepting your power to create as you do complaining and worrying.  In a short time you will start to realize that all the stuff, good & bad in your life, has been brought there by you.  Now you are starting to get it.  You are on your way to creating a new story, a new experience for yourself based on knowing that you are Creative Consciousness & that you can pull into form very easily whatever you wish to experience.  Have fun.