Money.  We all want it.  Some of us seem to have an easy time with it.  Others are always chasing it, never having enough. Money is important.  Money is energy.  This money energy shows up in your life in the values of your energy about it.  Those beliefs you have about yourself are reflected in your relationship with money.  

What are your experiences, your reflection, telling you about your money and self worth beliefs?  Take time to write them down.  Be honest about the experiences.  Name them.  Do they reflect lack, hardship, struggle?  What does that mean to you? What is the program, the belief system, running within you that keeps this energy creating these same type experiences?  Honesty here will help you to flip the beliefs to ones that actually bring forth what you would like to experience.  

Stay focused, pay attention to your thoughts, feelings and what shows up. Continue to look at the reflection, follow it back to the belief.  Change the belief through honesty.  Where did it come from, it is true?  If not talk with your subconscious and install new programs that work through to the experiences you'd enjoy.  Keep doing this.  Keep moving forward in this new energy.  

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