Weaving the creations of your life

December 30, 2011


You are the Weaver of Dreams, the Creator of Experiences. All that is outside you is a perfect reflection of that which is within.  The outer is the expression of the inner.  Dream Catchers remind you that when you are weaving, you must do so  with intention and the energy you desire to experience.  Doing one's inner work, facing the shadows and healing the emotions, clearing the chakras, is necessary to expressing something different that what you've already created.

Doing your inner work means being honest about your fear, your pain, your anger.  It includes discovering the power of love within that is who you are and allowing yourself to express that in your words, thoughts and actions.

Hang a dream catcher over your bed or in your meditation are and follow the threads as you journey inward to "knowing".  Understand the message of Grandmother Spider as she explains how you create.  As you come into an experience and acceptance of Who You Are the healing and balance taking place within is reflected in a new outward reality.

You are the weaver of your dreams, the creator of your life.  Do so with awareness of your power.  


Love Thyself Well

October 11, 2011

It's time to begin treating yourself with love and gentleness.  For too long you have given and given, allowing little to return to you.  Open your heart to the Great Love that Creator has for you always and let it flow in and through each cell of your physical being.  As your cells accept this great love you will heal.  The pain of the past will melt away and you will be able to receive love as well as give love to others.

As you Journey Back To Self you realize how awesome you are and rose q...

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Amber Stone of Understanding

September 2, 2011

Amber holds the secrets of your past.  She wants to tell you about why you are here, what you came to realize and experience.  She ties your past, over eternity to your now and brings insights that make your path easier to find and walk.

She is a good companion for healing work, she relieves congestion, digestion problems and helps you to overcome shyness. 

Amber is a stone of secrets and her joy is sharing these secrets with you so that you can live abundantly and share through example and wo...
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Fluorite for cold flu season

November 10, 2010

Every year I remind people to get out the fluorite.  Place it in water and let it sit in the sun/moon for at least 24 hours.  Now take out the stone and drink a quarter cup a day.  This is the best way to keep yourself free of colds and flu.  No need for all those shots and pills.  Let the stone help you stay balanced and healthy.

Also use your selenite to stay balanced.  DO NOT place selenite in water as it will dissolve.  Place it on the body to restore on a deep RNA/DNA level.

Stress is what...
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The Power of The Light; Sunstone

October 22, 2008

I am Sunstone, the power of the sun driving away the dark, dense energy held within you, no longer needed.

I have come to share my strength and power with you in understanding how to let go of that which holds you back from accepting your wholeness. Those self imposed limits you have kept for years deep within yourself, the reasons you choose not to succeed, not to be prosperous, to stay in denial of the wonder and power of your True Self.

I am renewal, returning to knowing . Together we...

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Elestial Crystal Stone of New Creation

October 22, 2008
I am Elestial.. the stone of new creation, transformation of brokenness into beauty..
My story is brilliant and inspiring.  Listen and learn how to take what is, what has been and create great beauty from it.
Once I lived under the Earth Mother.  Man came with machines and dug many of us out of our home.  Some came out easily and intact.  Those of us who resisted were broken and damaged, as resistance always leads to brokenness and damage upon physical form.

Thrown by the wayside, those of us wh...
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Celestite Healing Through Travel

October 22, 2008
I am Celestite, stone of higher understanding and deeper insight into your own spiritual being.
Spend time with me and travel to places of love, kindness, truth and gentleness.
My joy is helping you to speak your truth with kindness and love, to connect with your spirit guide, your angle.. you inner self.
As you sit in the silence you will feel the gentle washing of my energy through you to clear blockages of fear, past hurt and reg...
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Barefoot Guru Wisdom

Donna Devane Life coach, Author, radio show host; Donna DeVane is The Barefoot Guru Sharing wisdom & insights to empower you to a higher expression of your Divine Humanity is why I coach, write, teach & host a live talk radio show.