I am always amazed at the reaction of people when I tell them to just go ahead and be selfish enough to guarantee their own happiness. Most are just not able to grasp the idea of being first.  We've been taught to be self less.. think about that word for a moment.. self less.. where is the self?  It's left out!  That's what most of us have been doing, leaving us out of the priority list.  Today take time for you.  Go for a walk, read a book, relax in a hot bath.  

When was the last time you just grabbed happiness by the handful?  I want you to do that today.  Put you first.  Keep you first in your life.  I'm not talking about being mean to others, I'm talking about being so good to yourself that you can't help being kind and loving to everyone around you. 

With so much frustration and anger around us it's very important to be happy.  I'm often asked, "how do I find happiness"?  First.. it's not lost.  If you want happiness, start with you!   Where you are right now, let that be  your happy place.  Change the thinking, change the story inside your head.  Tell yourself a new story, paint a new picture of you and your life.  Stay in that story until it becomes a brick and mortar reality.  Happiness starts with you, where you are, right now.  

Know your importance.  Be a priority!  Be number one!