How would you describe your life right now?  Is it a struggle to just survive from one day, one paycheck to the next or are you thriving and enjoying living?  Most of us are so caught up in trying to make a living that we don't have the energy for living a life that's enjoyable. 
You can change that!  You really can starting right now, you have the power to start thriving.  I know, I know.. a lot of people promise to give you the magic pill and it hasn't worked.  It's not going to either.  Your magic is within you.  No one else has it. 

I'm really good at helping people, but honestly all I do is remind you of what you already know that you've forgotten.  I'm a great tour guide, showing you all the important sights and pointing out interesting places.  You do the work.  That's how it's done.  

I can do healing work for myself and the world and it makes a huge difference.  When you join in the process your work is faster and easier.  That's what I do.  Help you to help yourself.

I've written a lot of wisdom down in my books, blogs, articles, shared it in video and my radio shows.  It's your turn.  Are you willing to thrive?  I didn't ask if you are ready to, rather are you WILLING to do the work? 

When you are click a link at the top of the website and let's work together.  

I love you.. love yourself well..
Donna DeVane
The Barefoot Guru