I am Elestial.. the stone of new creation, transformation of brokenness into beauty..
My story is brilliant and inspiring.  Listen and learn how to take what is, what has been and create great beauty from it.
Once I lived under the Earth Mother.  Man came with machines and dug many of us out of our home.  Some came out easily and intact.  Those of us who resisted were broken and damaged, as resistance always leads to brokenness and damage upon physical form.

Thrown by the wayside, those of us who were damaged spent many years lamenting our fates.  How could it be that our beauty and bright light could be destroyed?  This was not our soul purpose.

Many years passed until the Grandmother gained insight and knew that her path was to show all of creation how to transform, to connect with the inner beauty that is always present.

She began to see herself as brilliant and shining the light of love and truth once again.  She filled herself with joy and gratitude at her new understanding.  She soon began to notice changes in her self, her inner beauty was transforming her outer form. Grandmother began forming new terminations, many of them covered her physical form like glittering stars of healing, wholeness and beauty.  Those of us who still resisted watched in disbelief as she grew and changed before our eyes.
Many of us began to understand the teaching of Grandmother and soon filled ourselves with renewed light, love and through this allowed our inner beauty to shine forth.  We too changed, transforming into Elestial crystals.  We bear the name to remind you to lament no longer, but to reconnect with the light and beauty that is always present within your eternal being.  As you remember who and what you are you too will change, transforming hurtful, damaging situations into opportunity for new growth.  You too change transform your life, even your physical form by remembering our story, learning from our lessons and applying them to your own life.

Elestials available to work with