I am Celestite, stone of higher understanding and deeper insight into your own spiritual being.
Spend time with me and travel to places of love, kindness, truth and gentleness.
My joy is helping you to speak your truth with kindness and love, to connect with your spirit guide, your angle.. you inner self.
As you sit in the silence you will feel the gentle washing of my energy through you to clear blockages of fear, past hurt and regrets.
I will aid you in letting go of the past and moving into your present, giving way to seeing the Bigger picture.. your eternal nature.
You are energy, Source Energy, able to create according to your thoughts.  When you line these thoughts up with Source and your Soul Intentions.. you are powerful and loving.
When you are unaware of your nature, you feel afraid and small.  This leads to your making choices that are out of line with your nature.  This is where your fear and insecurity dwells.

Hold me in your hand, place me on your body and invite me to show you the places where you store fear and insecurity.  Together we will release these blockages and help you communicate with your Soul Nature.  Ask your Guide, your Angel to come and work with you. 

When placed by your bed, or through meditation you can travel with me to eternal places of well being and physical healing.  I will help you to see the power within you to restore balance and well being physically.
I will show you the way to deeper spiritual understanding.  I will help you to discover your truth and share it with others in an energy of kindness, love and acceptance.

I am a stone of Transformation.  Moving from limits to freedom, moving into who you ARE... who you were created to Be and the Power of You.

Celestite Crystals available to work with you now