Lemurian Healing Crystal

  You have a nudging in your spirit.. urging you to balance, to well being.. to health.

You know this is your natural state of Being.. something within you knows that and you can't let go of this knowing.  You've looked for the path, the "healing temple" that you seem to remember.. now you've found it.

I was in the Lemurian Crystal Healing Temple with my sisters.. each a priestess.. I was shown that now is the time to invite you to enter with us for healing and balancing of your energy.  There is an Awakening happening right now.  Many are feeling out of sorts, energy is out of balance, your third eye is open more than the other chakras, head aches, body aches, back aches.. These are the result of this New Energy.  

Now is the time.  I have been given permission to work with you in the Crystal Temple, My Sisters have asked me to bring you there for Well Being.  Healing is your state.. health.. total health.. means all your chakras in balance, body, mind, spirit.. 

Due to the pulling and wrestling of the energy to and from so many seemingly opposing forces you are feeling ungrounded, unbalanced. 

Come with me to the Lemurian Crystal Healing Temple.  Rest upon the crystal table, feel the sounds of the carvings in the crystal walls, experience the energy of Ancient Healing Methods from my Sisters and myself.

We will surround you with love, well being and balance.  This is no regular healing session.  For the first time ever I have been given permission to aid you in entering the Temple to receive an infusion of Pure Light. 

This is an intense healing session.  You will need a few days to prepare for the session after making payment.  I only perform a few of these a week and following the outline before the treatment is essential to your receiving the full flow of energy from the Lemurian Priestesses.  

After payment you will be emailed and asked for a phone number where I can reach you.  I will tell you what steps to take before the session.  You need to arrange a time when you will not be interrupted as we will be journeying to the Temple in Spirit.  No children, phone calls, etc. should interrupt.  

Your healing session will be placed in a crystal and shipped to you after the treatment.  You will then keep this either around your neck as a pendant, in a pocket or medicine bag for a month.  

Be Awakened to this New Energy!  Let your light shine brightly.  Infuse yourself with Divine Energy, intuition, love and peace.  Our world needs this now to help those Awakening.  

It's time for YOU to make a conscious choice to Awaken to Your Divine Self. 

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Lemurian Healing Temple Session

$ 100.00 USD

You will receive an email after payment asking for you phone number.  A short 15 minute phone call will take place where I will tell you the steps you need to take before your healing session in the Temple. 
We will make an appointment for a time that you can be without interruptions and have finished the steps outlined. 
The healing session will last 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours. 

I use PayPal for payments.  You can use your PayPal account or credit card for payment.