Creative Playground

 You are ready, you're standing at the door to a new experience.  This is the next expression of SELF.  Who you know yourself to be is changing, you are creating with what seems more ease and quickness.  You are sensing a quickening within.. a voice whispering.. "It's time.. now.. to be on purpose".  Eyes & heart wide open to your power to create & desire to live the life you desire, you can almost reach out and touch it, you feel the urge to move forward. You are standing at the Creative Playground gate.. now just walk in to experience a whole new way of living. 

You've done all the seeking.. you are now a "finder".  After years of reading, coaching, hoping, wishing, dreaming.. you are Ready to Create On Purpose . with full understanding & responsibly for what you bring forth.  There is a knowing within that urges you to throw open your arms and just go for it. 

 You might be experiencing moments of tears without fully knowing why you are crying. Laughter comes more easily to you, much more is funny to you now than ever before.  You are realizing that it's a game.. just a great big game on a play ground of your imagination and creation.

That onion that you've been peeling the layers of old pain, worry, stress, anger and frustration away from is now begging you to just get it done already.  Let all the layers fall away.  You are no longer interested in the past,  you are feeling the NOW of Power & Possibility.  

You are ready for a deeper level of play.  No longer are you looking at self understanding and healing as work, it's play.. & you are the one creating the games, the playground, the rules, inviting the playmates...AND you realize you can change things in an instant.  You ARE the Power of Creation.

Creative Play is here.. to help you open up to the most Expressive YOU ever.. at least this life time.  The playgrounds are ready for playmates to join together and let loose.  You will be amazed at how easy it is to play once you join the game with full understanding.

Playground Master Mind just might be somewhere you enjoy playing for a bit.

We will discover those toys we've stashed in the back of the closet, all tucked away in a rusty old toy box.  We will go through them treasuring each for the experience and letting go of each ones we know longer wish to play with.

Healing is easy when you realize it's about choice.  Being free is easy when you see that it's all about the decision you make to Be Free.. to experience yourself unburdened, moving through the daily playground with ease, joy & knowing that each part has your stamp of approval on it. 

You will discover how to understand what you are fully desiring to experience at this point in your life.  Those tired, worn out toys that you use to hold yourself back will easily be let go of when you understand the wonderful role they played in your expression of yourself to this point.

                                         The new you.. the YOU that you know you desire to express 

                                                               Now for the exciting part.         


                                                 What is  Creative Play Master Mind group?

Creative Play Master Mind is all about making the changes you want to make in your life.  We are not taking on the whole world.. we are starting where real change occurs.  We will go over limiting thoughts, beliefs, & actions that keep you from creating the playground you want to play on.  Life is a Great Big Playground.. a game.. with you as the creator of the toys, the set up, and who plays with you. 

Understanding how the people in your life now are there to be a reflection of exactly what you are presently believing & bringing into form allows you to make internal changes in your own programming   These program changes bring about Brand New Creations.  

                                                    What will we work on that will actually help you?

We will start with the basics.  Who do I think I am?  You will quickly realize who you think you are through the process of  inner work guidance and bi weekly meetings with the whole group.  You will experience the peeling away of those onions layers much more quickly working with a group than working alone. For most healers, coaches and teachers, we make our worst clients.  Creative Play Master Mind will allow you to see yourself through the masks and fears to the real you.  Then you can let the Real You come out to play and create exactly what you desire.  You will come into the understanding that You Are Consciousness, the Power that Creates Your Experiences.  I will give you "make it real exercises" each week to help you put into place the wisdom we share each meeting.  By working with the group & doing the exercises you will begin to notice changes the first week.  This process works when you work it.  Remember you are the key to changes in your life experiences. 

                                                        How often & how do we meet?

Creative Play will meet every other week. You can pick a time with the appointment schedule that works for everyone.  I'm flexible in setting times.  Your group with up to, but no more than 10 people in each group.  By working in a group of this size you get plenty of feed back from the other group members with the guidance of Master Mind Head Playmate Donna Devane.  I suggest that you bring a few friends into the group with you for their feedback & support.  Of course it isn't necessary for your to already know the other playmates, it's just a bit more fun. 

Each group meeting will be recorded and the audio will be available as a free download to all members of our play group. 

                                      What can you expect to get out of this commitment?

Honestly it all depends on what you are willing to put into it.  As a teacher, coach & healer for many years I know that I can not do your work for you.  I can walk with you, share insights in an honest and loving way with you.. but what you do with it is totally up to you.  I've been teaching, coaching & doing healing work for 20 + years.. working with people on every topic you can think of.  I know that I am not the one doing the work, I'm the Way Show Er.. the one who sees, who intuits, who shares wisdom.  You alone have the power to apply the wisdom to change you, thus changing your life. 

If you are committed to yourself and apply the information shared with you by me and the group.. you Will Change your life.  You are the one with the power.. you are the creator of your playground.  You create the toys and invite others to play with you.  The core purpose of Creative Play Master Mind is to help you see this, know this.. and live this. 

If you are ready to move forward.. to live an excited and on purpose life.. click the button below.  Let me know which group you would like to be part of. 

You are agreeing to commit to 3 months, a total of 6 meetings/ sharings.  

Use the Subscription Button to automatically make your $49.00 contribution every month.  

You are agreeing to show up with bells on for two group Master Mind Meetings twice a month.. 2 hours each meeting.. total of 4 hours. 

You will have to cancel the subscription in order to stop the payments. This is for THREE Months.  We meet every other week for two hours.  Bring paper, pen and your excitement.  

What happens after three months?  I will start a level two Master Mind Group or you can opt for one on one with me.  Always plenty of options.. 

 There must be at least three people in each group.  There is a place for you to add information on the form or email me.

How to setup a Master Mind Group for you & your friends.  I work with groups throughout the week on self esteem, weight issues, money & personal power.  In order to create a group for you to take part in, you only need to email me, and let me know how many will be taking part in the Master Mind with you.  I can arrange a time that works for us all.  We use Skype to meet.  I will record the Mind Melds if you all agree.  These will be made available for you to download.  Remember, there needs to be at least three people in each group.  SO>>> grab your friends and let's get a meeting set up specifically for you.

Each member of the group will use the Subscribe button below.  

Click HERE to schedule your appointment with me.  

Read what a few of the people who've worked with me have to say about coaching  with The Barefoot Guru. You are sure to Discover Your Own Awesomeness! 

Coaching Testimony

 “I have been blessed to have been drawn to coaching with Donna Devane.  She is so  grounded, and yet entirely open to her higher self.  She had such an impact on me that, though I knew myself to be a metaphysical intellectual, it took a bit of coaching with Donna to really help me turn that corner to  the KNOWING and AWARENESS that I experience now.  

It is often said, “When the student is ready the teacher appears”.  Donna Devane was the teacher for me.  Her down to Earth approach, and straight handed manner, made me feel instantly comfortable.  It’s much like speaking to a friend you hadn’t met yet.  I honor the private time I have been lucky enough to be able to have with her as a personal coach.  She gave me exactly what I needed to hear.  He amazing life experience along with her sage wisdom, combined with her “shooting straight from the hip” style, was something that I really felt comfortable with…and that’s vital in a coaching relationship.  I highly recommend her!

Coaching Testimonial

 Anyone who works with Donna Devane will soon find out that she’s not just trying to get you to a good feeling place but rather help you remember who you truly are and the power that lies within that remembrance. I know because working with her has helped me make huge quantum leaps in my life, my business and my work with others in helping them reawaken to all that is possible for them too. I no longer have to sell anything because it is now a natural process of me just being who I am and having those that I’m to work with self select into my intuitive readings, coaching, classes or programs. I highly recommend working with Donna if you want a true chance at success.

Ingrid Geronimo, Intuitive Coach & Spiritual Guide,

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