I offer time slots throughout the week, with most available times on Monday & Saturday.  Check the appointment schedule for open times.  After payment and setting your time, you will receive my phone number for the session.  Please take at least thirty minutes before our phone call to breathe, relax & get ready for some awesomeness. You are not making a commitment to me, rather you are making a commitment with yourself that you are ready & willing to do your work.  This isn't hard, but it does require your steadfast attention.  You have lived your whole life by habits linked to beliefs that have created situations you say you don't enjoy.  So.. in order to create something new it will most likely take more than an hour or two to work through a lifetime of habit.  

I'm very, very good at what I do.  While I don't have your answers,  I do know how to help you find them.  This isn't FAD coaching, it's honest to goodness reach down inside yourself to discover Who You Really Are Coaching.  This is the type of work I came here to do & to help you with.  

Working with Donna DeVane, The Barefoot Guru is an experience unlike other coaching experiences you might have had.  I don't promise to do your work for you, nor do I promise to have all your answers.  What I do promise is that I will share the highest wisdom, love you deeply & always be honest with you.  I will hold you to your highest expression & remind you always that you are Divine Humanity,  Consciousness the Creator of Your Own Life Experiences. 

Coaching with me means you are ready to say YES to yourself and the life you want to live.  It means you are willing to follow my guidance, show up for each appointment & do all the homework I assign each week.  Yes, I do give out homework.  I call it "making it real exercises" so that you can get busy at once implementing the break throughs we have each healing / coaching session.  

Whether you commit to one on one spiritual life coaching, shift my belief coaching, group coaching or a healing session, you will get my very best & I ask only that you be open & willing to a Higher Expression of Who You Really Are. 

I run The Awakened Radio Network and host my own live radio shows there so I do coaching when I am not on the air.  I'm sure if you are ready we can find a time that is perfect for us to work together.  You are always welcome to take part in my radio shows for extra support throughout the week too. 

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