A Journey Back To Self

It's a book, yes.. but it's so much more than just pages of typed words.  It's a guide, a guide to Remembering Who You Are. It's a hand hold, a walk together down your path.

You might be frustrated with  all the law of attraction hoopla.  Many are.  They've read the books, created vision boards, said affirmations and still life hasn't changed much.  What's the deal here?  

Stop trying to change the outer without going through the steps of changing what's within YOU.  You are the real key, the secret, to your life being different.  Put simply, over the years you've forgotten who you really are.  You've started believing that you are the experiences, the emotions.  You ARE Not these.  We are entering the age of "evolutionary spirituality" where we are remembering Who We Really Are, Divine Humanity.  Now is the time to awaken to your true self and live as the powerful creator you are.  Over the years I've heard, "how to I change my beliefs" hundreds of times.  I can help you level up to a "better" belief or we can discover how to be belief & limit free. 

I've put this information in book format after years of teaching these healing lessons in person and online.  Spirit told me it was time to remind people, "You can wake up now, Say awake".  Because I have taught these self healing lessons since 1995, I know these principles work.  They are not magic though.  They will not work just because you read the book.  You must apply the teachings to your life.  If you are ready to wake up to your powerful self, this book is for you. 

You will find within the book exercises to enforce the healing principals making them real so that YOU ARE CHANGED.  This is where change comes from.. YOU.  All the stuff you do outside yourself only moves molecules about for as long as you are focused on them.  You let go and your creative process goes straight back to your subconscious beliefs.  This is why the Law of Attraction hasn't seemed to work for you.  You didn't change your beliefs.

What you will find in the book;

The book is divided up into lessons with homework, exercised to help you make the teachings real. These enforce the healing principles which bring about change in YOU.

You will find information on chakra energy, how to balance and heal on a "real' level past trauma, pain and limiting beliefs.

There is information on how to use stones and crystals for healing, meditation and explanations of which stones go where. 

The book is easy to read, it's like talking with me.  No fancy words, nothing you have to look up the meaning for.  

  I am committed to helping as many people as possible remember Who They Are. 

You may use the stones and crystals you already have with the principles in the book, or shoot me an email and I'll provide a free phone consult for you as you shop.   Visit The Awakened Store for stones, crystals, jewelry.

It's a win win for you.  Now that you know about the tools that will help you change your life, the decision is yours.  What will you do?  You have to make a choice to Remember Who You Are.  Once you make that choice, I'll help you stay on track.

Decide now to Remember!


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A Journey Back To Self

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Change your life, I'll help you stay on track. Commit to Remembering Who You Are.

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